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OonKAY! is a Dutch SME with an ambition to play a role in development and implementation of environmental technology. This varies from incremental improvements of existing technology to the development of groundbreaking new developments. OonKAY! started off as a consultant for companies and governmental organizations. But nowadays they are developing their own technologies as well. For example: a system for reduction of methane emissions from manure storages, and methods to measure diffuse emissions to air.

On landfill-related topics, they have 20 years of experience. They are active in R&D and development of innovative technologies to reduce pollution from landfills, but also in consultancy of (inter)governmental organisations. OonKAY8 is since 1995 member of IPCC-task groups (the intergovernmental panel on climate change) for quantification of emissions from waste management. They are also active in landfill gas recovery, methane oxidation in landfills top-layers, leachate infiltration and landfill aeration. An important new development is sustainable landfill management. Sustainable landfill management aims at reducing landfill emissions to an acceptable level by removing the landfills pollution potential, thus avoiding the need of liner systems.

Welcome to EURELCO

EURELCO is an open, quadruple helix network that supports the required technological, legal, social, economic, environmental and organisational innovation with respect to the development and implementation of a Dynamic Landfill Management (DLM) framework. The DLM framework includes resource recovery-driven Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) as one of its most advanced components, thereby supporting the transition to a resource efficient, circular, low-carbon economy. Are you a relevant actor working on DLM or ELFM?


ELFM Symposia

ELFM Symposia

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