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Data launched on the landfills

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10-12/09/2018: Summer school ‘To mine or not to mine’

10-12/09/2018: Summer school ‘To mine or not to mine’

10-12/09/2018: Summer school 'To mine or not to mine' Leuven, Belgium The summer school aims at offering an integral approach for the assessment of landfill mining projects. It wants to go beyond technical assessment, offering an approach to determine the value of...

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Data launched on the landfill situation

In collaboration with our partner i-Cleantech Flanders, EURELCO has published an infographic combining new data on the landfill situation in the EU-28. Based on bottom-up approach data were collected from several public bodies in Europe. Do you also want to know the headlines messages from this bottom-up inventory? 

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First ever ELFM Seminar in the European Parliament


The seminar, which was organised by two Flemish MEPs (Vautmans & Demesmaeker) and EURELCO, featured speakers four DGs of the Eureopean Commission (ENV, ENERGY, GROW and RTD) along with leading actors representing industry, academia and pulbic bodies. The seminar was attended by almost 100 people who actively debated the landfill (mining) situation in Europe. It was agreed that the EU-28 urgently requires thorough inventories of its landfills and needs to develop a clear vision with respect to the management and mining of its landfills.


Questionnaire on landfills, landfill management and LFM in the EU


EURELCO aims to further develop the knowledge on landfills in Europe and wants to improve the current infographic. The aim of this questionnaire is to collect EU-wide information about landfills, landfill management and LFM activities and policy issues. This in order to better understand potential drivers, barriers and enablers for LFM implementation and how such challenges could vary among regions. Please contact the leaders of ELFM mapping and system conditions for more info.



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