Dynamic Landfill Management (DLM) captures various dimensions. First of all, DLM refers to the dynamic view on landfill management, i.e. the management of any given landfill needs to smartly change and adjust over time. Secondly, DLM needs to offer an integrated framework, satisfying multiple objectives, ranging from pollution prevention, land reclamation and restoration, creation of new landfill void space, interim use of the landfill surface, to the recovery of materials and energy resources. Thirdly, DLM highlights the need for a cross-cutting approach with respect to distinct European policies and legislations. ELFM is one component of a wider DLM framework.


Enhanced Landfill Mining is defined as โ€œthe safe exploration, conditioning, excavation and integrated valorisation of (historic, present and/or future) landfilled waste streams as both materials (Waste-to-Material) and energy (Waste-to-Energy), using innovative transformation technologies and respecting the most stringent social and ecological criteria.โ€ ELFM is part of a wider view of a circular economy and is perfectly complementary to urban mining and recycling in general.


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EURELCO is an open, quadruple helix network that supports the required technological, legal, social, economic, environmental and organisational innovation with respect to the development and implementation of a Dynamic Landfill Management (DLM) framework. The DLM framework includes resource recovery-driven Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) as one of its most advanced components, thereby supporting the transition to a resource efficient, circular, low-carbon economy. Are you a relevant actor working on DLM or ELFM?


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ELFM Symposia

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