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This project aims at capacity building and training in self-supported and sustainable waste management (SWM) options in areas outside of the city centers, which are not currently covered with governmental communal services. This initiative is the first phase of a pilot, in order to evaluate solutions for long-existing problems related to the Government’s lack of initiative concerning waste management.

One solution is to build small stations where different fractions of waste materials like plastic, paper, metal and organic materials are separated for further collection and treatment. Bio-waste, which is a major fraction of waste in more rural areas, is deposited at specific places for further treatment.

The project is conducted according to a phased approach, with a close collaboration of Flemish and Serbian experts. Upon determination of the necessities and priorities a concrete time-related action program is designed, aiming at an integrated solution and the determination of steps towards implementation. Training sessions support capacity building in technical and managerial fields. Attention is paid to awareness campaigns and communication with local social groups.

This initiative shows that it is possible to establish sustained environmental management with the employment of waste treatment technologies. Both the government and the Serbian population benefit from this project by bringing their policy in line with European legislation. This project links all existing nodes of the local waste network in a successful synergy giving each component the necessary knowledge and role in an organized and environmentally responsible society. During the entire project the local authorities gain the experience to conduct and co-ordinate similar projects in the future.

  • Capacity building.

  • Providing long-term sustainable waste management options.

  • Defining waste streams and quantities.

  • Design and implementation of a step approach program.

  • Design of awareness campaigns.

FUNDING TYPE: Private, Client: Flemish Government (Foreign Affairs Administration)
BUDGET: € 130.000

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