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Nuno Lapa
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The amount of natural resources yearly used by the building sector is very high and leads to considerable loss of natural resources and environmental degradation. Facing this situation, many countries restrict the authorization of opening quarries and support measures for uses of recycled materials. In addition, the reduction of municipal waste to be landfilled leads to the development of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators producing residues and especially heavy non-combustibles residues named bottom ash. The purpose of the VALOMAT project was to develop the use of bottom ashes in civil engineering.

According to the performed market review of potential applications and to the state of art in the field of bottom ash use and environmental regulations in Europe, bottom ashes must be treated before any use.

VALOMAT project focused on two potential applications:

  • The main target was quarry and mine backfilling. Treated bottom ashes filled in open quarries or underground cavities could minimize the risk of collapse or caving-in on a cost level, that will make preventive backfilling acceptable.

  • Underground concrete for in-situ piles or diaphragm walls would achieve a medium strength concrete with high durability properties. Regionally high volumes of concrete are needed for such foundation projects.


To develop new formulations of concretes and mortars based on the reuse of inorganic materials from MSW incineration plants.


BUDGET: € 3.074.006

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