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The Urban Public and Environment Sector Program has an investment project which focuses on 6 different aspects: waste management (1/4); food safety (2/4); composting procedures (3/4); sanitary slaughtering measures (4/4); integrated public and environmental services; and program management, institutional support and capacity development.

The waste management component focuses on solid and medical waste. The objectives of the investment project are to strengthen the capacity of the municipalities through the UPEHU and to manage public and environment health services in their respective area.


It is suggested that the following guidelines will be used during the entire course of the project:

Creating jobs, checking compatibility with territory plans when available, minimizing environmental impact, promotion of clean technologies and products. The current waste problem in Bangladesh produces environmental hazards and brings nuisance to the local population.

Although the construction and exploitation of waste treatment facilities will improve this situation, the facilities will have to be designed and constructed so as to minimize their impact on the environment through emission reduction.

Furthermore, the installation and facilities will be designed to generate a product that can be used (if possible) as a new raw material for other activities. In this way the waste cycle can be closed and sustainable waste management system is created. 

Pilot projects will be used before engaging in long-term programmes and the impact of capacity building interventions will be monitored.

FUNDING TYPE: National Funding UPEHU
BUDGET: € 2.110.000 (part Ecorem = € 1 055 000)

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