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Bioreactor technology is an alternative for landfilling. In a bioreactor biodegradation of waste is enhanced and pollutants are flushed out. Result is a stabilised residue with reduced pollution potential. In the Netherlands large-scale bioreactor trials were performed at Wijster and Landgraaf:

  • In Wijster a bioreactor cell was filled with 50.000 ton of MSOR (residue from mechanical separation of MSW). In this cell and in accompanying lab-scale research it was demonstrated that waste could be treated (i) with limited methane emissions, (ii) with a high conversion of waste to energy (iii) yielding a biologically stable product (iv) suited for reuse.

  • In Landgraaf a bioreactor cell was filled with 25.000 ton of mixed waste (MSW, shredder wastes). In this cell a rapid biostabilization was achieved. The effect of biodegradation on the wastes pollution was quantified. Most important physic-chemical mechanisms that have an impact on the waste pollution potential were identified.

Bioreactor technology might be an option for treating the fine fraction from a mining project. The Wijster-project gives information on properties and options for reuse for a biologically stabilised fines fraction. Bioreactor-technology might also be an option for in-situ mining, yielding e.g. biogas.


To demonstrate potential of sustainable landfill management and accommodate its implementation when successful.


FUNDING TYPE: Private funding
BUDGET: € 5.000.000

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