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The project aims at building a temporary pilot application on productive scale in order to mine parts of an existing landfill, to separate materials and produce concentrates as products, both ferrous and non-ferrous, which can be fed into a metallurgical process. The application will include preprocessing and processing, as well as a beneficiation stage for non-ferrous metals, introducing elements from the mining industry.

The main objective is the recovery of:

  • Materials, especially metals
  • Space, which equals to extra landfill capacity and lifetime
  • Soil, which has been disposed off, a natural resource valuable to local ecosystems as well as to landfill industry itself
  • Recyclable materials
  • Land, in the case of old landfills, which will lead to a successful rehabilitation scheme with minimal environmental footprint

These objectives of material and/or energy recovery are known today in the waste processing industry and precede disposal, but have not been so far utilized in connection to (a) a wider program of waste post-disposal processing and (b) material beneficiation for valuable metals, by means of ore processing methods.

FUNDING TYPE: Life+ Programme (Environmental Policy and Governance)
PROJECT GOAL: Demonstration LFM Unit
BUDGET: € 1.377.004
SUBSIDY: € 688.501

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