The ELFM IV organising committee is happy to share the 5-minute video of the 4th Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM IV) Symposium (February 5-6, 2018).

The video integrates a large number of testimonials and diverse perspectives from the European Commission, academia, industry and civil society.

ELFM IV offered multiple lectures on topics varying from (1) Geophysics, remediation, pre-processing and metal extraction technologies for Enhanced Landfill Mining; to (2) Thermal valorisation technologies for Enhanced Landfill Mining; (3) Upcycling technologies for Enhanced Landfill Mining; and (4) Multi-criteria assessment for Enhanced Landfill Mining. The Symposium was closed with a stimulating, lively debate about the future of ELFM in Europe and the world.

The panel debate was filmed here and is really worth watching. (ptj/14-2-2018)

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